5 April 2016

NEWS: Facebook to 'describe' photos to blind people

Definitely not a disaster waiting to happen.

Facebook is today rolling out a new programme which will not only be able to tell blind and visually impaired users who posted a photo or comment, but also have a crack at describing the content of the image. Currently only available to iOS screen readers, the programme uses a new system which can recognise faces, bodies, landmarks and even types of food.

Obviously this is great news for blind people, but we're expecting a few interesting results to be posted to social media; possibly akin to the hilariously offensive Twitter chatbot Tay that Microsoft recently had to apologise for.

We're hoping for people being confused for elephants, fine cuisine (OMG I'm so gonna post this pic of my dinner!) being described as vomit, and a picture of your mother-in-law being described as a cow. We can but hope.

Fank you, Mark!

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