20 March 2016

REVIEW: TrueStart Coffee

Control your caffeine.

Here at Test Pit Towers we love our coffee (and y'know, building stuff out of LEGO and flying things around with cameras attached to them), so we were interested to try out TrueStart Coffee. Coffee is increasingly being used by athletes, and those in training for sporting challenges, to boost performance and help muscles heal. The trouble is that most coffee you buy in a supermarket has rather unpredictable amounts of caffeine in it, so True Start is here to tell you exactly how much of the 'wakey-wakey' stuff you're getting. Put the kettle on, will ya?

TrueStart comes as instant coffee granules which dissolve into hot water... but don't let that put you off. Although we're big advocates of 'real' coffee, TrueStart was actually the nicest instant coffee we've ever tasted, thanks to the source beans being very good ( Colombian Arabica) and because TrueStart freeze dry them, as opposed to spray drying, a process which most other instant coffee will have been through. This produces a good-looking cup of Joe with a rich yet mild flavour.

But what's all the jazz about the caffeine content? Well, with TrueStart you know exactly how much caffeine you're taking in, which helps when planning a work out or competing a in an event. It contains 95mg of caffeine per scoop (give or take 20mg so it says), which is a hell of a lot more accurate than other coffee.

This means you can better tailor your caffeine consumption to your needs, rising or lowering it depending on what you want. Also, because it comes in an instant form, its easier to make while you're out and about, as all you need is hot water and a spoon. For athletes this is great, but also for fans of instant coffee too – at least this way you'll know just how jittery you're going to get each morning.

£6.99 for a 80g bag

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