18 March 2016

REVIEW: Edifier R2730DB Bluetooth Speakers


Yep, that's the clever subhead for this review... “loud”. Normally we push the limits of pun-related humour in our little subheads, such as 'Code in the hole' when we reviewed the Kano, and 'Familia Feeling' when we reviewed the Nanoblock Sagrada Familia. Aren't we clever? However, the most striking thing about the Edifier R2730DB Bluetooth Speakers is that they are capable of being bloody 'loud'. And besides, there's no pun on earth that can relate to 'R2730DB'.

Before we detail just how loud and powerful this speaker pairing is, we have to mention the crappy named elephant in the room. Unfortunately Edifier have seen fit to name these speakers the R2730DB, which is neither evocative nor representational of the actual product. While we had the speakers in our possession we simply referred to them as the 'Edifier Neighbour Botherers'; a name we'll soon be suggesting to Edifier.

Contained within both of these blocky, more traditional looking wireless speakers, is 136W of sound punch. Place them apart in any normal sized room, connect via Bluetooth 4.0, and you'll have a musical experience beyond the oft-used “room-filling” label. These were house-filling. Nay; street-filling, if you were to ask our put-upon neighbours.

The units themselves are set in finished MDF to reduce echo, and feature removable front grills so as to expose the speaker domes. They certainly aren't small, nor are they light, and placing them on a book shelf might not be possible (unless all your books are those really tall hardback types). We placed ours at either side of a large desk, and here the standard blocky design actually came in handy when fitting them in amongst other stuff. Although Edifier are also known for making crazy and interestingly-shaped speakers, the R2730DBs (sorry, 'Neighbour Botherers') seem as if they are designed to blend in and provide powerful sounds as if from nowhere.

On that note, these worked very well as fixed TV speakers, as well as a wireless outlet for the music on your phone or tablet. The Edifier R2730DB features coaxial and optical connection ports, as well as the standard RCA, and also a separate remote control for volume and sound tweaks. You'll also find a control panel with traditional knobs on the side of the base unit, should you wish to really fine tune the sound quality.

Connecting via Bluetooth was a quick and simple affair, and we found the connection to always be solid and reliable, even throughout the whole of the house (thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 for that). All genres of music and spoken word tracks sounded great, but to be honest we spent most of the time playing tracks with heavy bass and rock songs. If you love the gentle plink, plonk, and swell of classical music, these may be slightly wasted on you. If you love to rock out in your pants, wailing into a hairbrush-cum-microphone, and making your neighbours regret the day they moved in next door, go for it.


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