4 March 2016

NEWS: Your boobs will look great thanks to Chatlight

"Chat" in the dark no more.

If you use the likes of Skype or Facetime on your phone, tablet, or laptop all that much, you might have noticed that the person on your screen (and indeed your own face in that little box in the bottom corner) might look a bit dark. Webcams and selfie cams are often a second thought by manufacturers, so enter the Chatlight to bring a touch of brightness to your sex chats. We mean... totally normal chats to normal people.

The Chatlight clips onto your phone or tablet, leaving a gap for the camera, and projects bright light right into your face. This means the person to whom you're chatting will be able to see every detail of your face and quickly skip to the next person. Tee hee.

Jokes about booty Skype calls aside, this is a pretty good idea, although one that seems quite chunky and awkward. Last time we checked we had lights in our house, ones that can even move and be used to shine light directly into our handsome faces, So a rechargeable battery and bulb encased in plastic that hangs from the top of your iPad weighing it down might not be placed at the top of your wish list.

Besides, we can imagine it making the tablet quite heavy, and if you're holding it with one hand already...

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