13 March 2016

NEWS: Tomoko - the coworker shunner

"I'm not watching porn. Honest."

Most modern offices these days are of an open-plan design; losing the walls to increase light, air, and communication. God, we hate them. If you're anything like us and prefer offices to be 
little segmented rooms or darkness and privacy - but have the misfortune of having an office job in 2016 - this could be the gadget for you.

We call it a gadget quite loosely, because the Tomoko is actually just a felt dome that introverts (or 'clever, normal people' as we call them) can hide under. Either set hanging from a little personal mobile, or perched upon your desk to shield your screen and your head from view, the Tomoko is the least subtle way of saying 'I'm busy, please eff off' since popping in a pair of headphones.

Developed in Finland by MottoWasabi, the Tomoko could very easily be your next office must-have; not only if you're introverted, but also if you have 'other' things to be getting on with while at work. Which we all do, right? For example, how does anyone ever write their first best-selling novel? When do you have the time and opportunity to pen your magnum opus? At work, surely. Now you can do it without being bothered.

Visit http://mottowasabi.com/ 

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