11 March 2016

NEWS: See what’s inside you with Virtuali-Tee

Heart of the matter.

Augmented Reality, or simply AR if you’re cool, is getting everywhere. From books and comics that spring to life when you hold your smartphone over them, to secret signs and messages dotted around the world which reveal hidden gems of weirdness. Now you and your kids can be a part of the weirdness thanks to the Virtuali-Tee, a range of t-shorts with large AR codes printed on them.

Wear the t-shirt, get a friend to hold up a phone with the free app running on it, and they’ll be able TO SEE INSIDE OF YOU. The app projects a photo-realistic, fully interactive moving image of what is beneath your rib cage, complete with beating heart.

Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, Virtuali-Tee is actually some of the best use of AR tech we’ve seen in a long while, checking both the educational and down-right bat shit awesome boxes.

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