29 March 2016

NEWS: Posh and lazy? There's an app for that

Making things easy for the help.

Do you have a cleaner? Are you constantly frustrated by how often they misunderstand your hand-written notes with clear instructions about what they should be cleaning. Bloody commoners; if only they'd spent a little more time in school, maybe they wouldn't have to clean people's homes for a living. Well fret not, posho... iPhone app Mopped UP is here to help.

Download the app, force your put-upon cleaner to do the same (or else), and you can send clear messages about what they should be spending their time on while in your home. After all, you are paying them! The lower echelons of society tend to waste their lives watching Jeremy Kyle while scrounging benefits, so it's good you can get them up and working. While you take it easy.

Mopped Up, available only for iOS (because Android phones are designed by non-white foreigners, eh?), is one of only a few new apps that actually cost money to download; £2.99. But don't worry, your cleaner can get it for free. Because they're cleaners.

Check out this pointless, stuck up piece of elitist crap today, at http://www.moppedup.com/ 

Careful, she's probably about to steal that iPad!

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