15 March 2016

NEWS: KitSound working with Cancer Research UK

Sounds good.

We've been happily working with KitSound for a few years now, reviewing their latest headphones and speakers, while also running competitions to give you guys a chance to own some their kit too. We're pleased as punch to hear that KitSound have started working with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens to help fund research into cures and treatments to help younger people battling cancer.

In order to raise awareness and funds, KitSound has created a range of special products for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens that will give £1 from each sale directly to the charity. These products include the Malibu headphones, and the Boombar Bluetooth speaker.

As part of the partnership, KitSound worked with 16 year old cancer survivor Elliot to create a ‘Bravery Playlist’. It includes some of his favourite tracks, as well as those that inspired him to continue being brave whilst undergoing his treatment. Elliot was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in September 2013, and took part in a Cancer Research UK funded trial which investigated a kinder treatment regime for children and young people. Elliot’s story, as well as what inspiring tunes he chose, can be found on any Malibu headphones or Boombar speaker packaging.

Find out more at http://www.kitsound.co.uk/ 

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