4 February 2016

REVIEW: Fungus Amungus

Sticky fun.

You might remember a couple weeks ago when we tweeted some pics of a very strange package that we received in the post. On opening the box we discovered a few gross little visitors had come to Test Pit Towers... and they're refusing to leave. We check out the Fungus Amungus.

Fungus Amungus is a brand new range of collectable characters from Vivid Imaginations. They are squishy, sticky, squashy little things, each with its own name, strain and backstory. Kids can collect them (more than 100 in the first wave) in a variety of different ways, and there are even products available to help them care for (and catch) the little monsters.

There are Oozy Funguys, Digital Funguys, Tropical Funguys, Wild Funguys, Foodie Funguys, the creepy-sounding Body Funguys, and also the Friendly Funguys. Each group's creatures possess a different look and origin, but they are all basically sticky little buggers. Seriously, when you pick one up you expect there to be a slime trail on your fingers.

Fortunately they're actually the dry kind of slimy, and no matter how much you or your kids squash them up and chuck them about, they always flop back into their original shape. Oh, and you can also give them a wash in soapy water to restore their sticky powers (because, damn, do they attract carpet fluff and dirt). We were sent three of the little blighters to have a play with, and found them to be most fun when they are super sticky enough to stick to the wall and sllllooowwwwllllyyyyy creep their way down.

They are available in either petri-dish packs, with two Fungus Amungus inside, vac-packs, with five inside including a secret figure, or in toxic chambers which contain a rare creature, as well as the ability to use the chamber to store all your other funguys and inspect them, lab-style. There is also 'The Exgerminator'; a device used to both trap and fling the creatures.

These guys will definitely be a big hit with kids who love to collect and swap with their friends, as well as those who really enjoy sticking gross things to your living room walls. So every kid then.

Petri-Dishes £2.49
Vac Packs £5.99
Toxic Chambers £9.99
Exgerminator £19.99

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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