1 February 2016

REVIEW: ActiPatch Back Pain Relief

Back off, pain!

You might have a fancy phone and a drone that follows you to the shops to remind you to buy organic milk, but how does technology really help improve your life? If you suffer from chronic back pain (as many people do) you probably couldn't give two stuffs about phones and drones, too distracted as you are by pain. Well this gadget might make you look at modern tech differently. We strap ourselves up to the ActiPatch Back Pain Relief.

If this medical gadgets sounds familiar, its because we've already reviewed it. Back in 2014 we tested the knee pain relieving version of ActiPatch and were very satisfied with the results. The back pain version is essentially the exact same bit of tech, but packaged with a comfortable wrap especially designed to fit on your back. This one of our number was very happy to test, as he's 'gone and knackered his back' hoisting a very solid toddler into the air one day recently. Ah, parenthood.

We wrote about this in the review of the knee-fixing version, but in a nutshell ActiPatch uses electromagnetic pulse therapy to reduce inflammation around damaged tissue and therefore reduce pain. This worked wonders on the knee upon which the last one was tested, with the gadget encircling the effected area very well. But how does it operate on a big ol' back?

The ActiPatch Back Pain Relief uses a soft strap which you simply attach around your stomach, tight enough only to hold the ActiPatch in place. The ActiPatch itself then threads onto two loops in the fabric and you slide the whole thing around until the hoop is centred on the problem area. Then you get on with your day. There's no charging required as the device has an onboard battery that is good for up 720 hours of controlled use. You simply flick the small switch to turn it on, turning it off whenever you're done. It's comfortable, minuscule, and safe to use for everyone but pregnant women. Which we are definitely not.

After wearing the ActiPatch for a whole week, how did our guinea pig feel? Good; damn good in fact. The dull ache in the base of his spine has reduced a lot, despite still having to pick up the offending toddler several times each (albeit in a far more gentler, old-man way). He reported that the most useful thing about it is the ability to slide it around to focus on a different area of the back at a different time of day, meaning the relative small size of the device is a real advantage.

Obviously we tested this for just a fraction of the ActiPatch's life, so it's great to know that it can be switched off, put away in a drawer, and pulled out to use the next time Daddy Dangerous wants to look cool in front of a two year old.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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