26 February 2016

NEWS: Will Netflix soon offer VR content?

Netflix and thrill?

Netflix might already be your go-to spot for TV and film streaming content, but soon the service might be welcoming users into a full 3D immersive world of virtual reality. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2016 this week, Netflix VP of Product Innovation Chris Jaffe said, “Right now, with virtual reality, we think virtual reality has a great place in gaming, and we’re very interested in where it could go in storytelling.”

Netflix already have a VR app for the Samsung Gear VR, in which users can sit in, and look around, a virtual environment while watching 2D Netflix content on a screen. However, this could mean that soon the streaming service might be offering real VR content and full 3D, 360 degree shows. This blows our tiny minds.

Imagine standing in the middle of one of Dare Devil's gruesome fight scenes, or sitting next to Frank Underwood as he turns to you to deliver a monologue in House of Cards. Awesome.

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