22 February 2016

NEWS: LG G5 - A transforming modular smartphone

Smartphones in disguise!

Announced at MWC 2016, the LG G5 is the phone maker's latest flagship device with a very unique feature: it's modular. But before you cast your mind to Google's ongoing, oh-so teasing, Project Ara, the G5 actually looks like a phone you might want to own.

The modular elements are tucked away inside the handset, and accessing them to swap them is as simple as pulling out the bottom of the phone. There you can get your hands on a removable battery (to insert a higher capacity one, we assume) as well as other specially designed modules for different tasks.

On show at MWC 2016 was the music module that has been designed alongside Bang & Olufsen, and also the LG CAM Plus, a camera attachment complete with buttons and a more powerful battery. The G5 will also be compatible with LG's new 360 VR headset which plugs directly into the phone and actually looks pretty light and comfortable.

Check back here for news on release dates and prices.

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