28 February 2016

NEWS: HTC Vive will cost £689

HTC your bank manger for a loan.

Today HTC has finally announced the UK cost of it's forthcoming VR headset product, The Vive. Fans of popping things on their faces and visiting virtual worlds will have to fork out £689 for the pleasure of owning The Vive, nearly £200 more than the Oculus Rift.

To be fair to HTC, The Vive seems like it does a lot more than the Rift, but the price announcement is something a big deal when it comes to this new wave of technology. We all know that buying a high-end smartphone will set you back £500-600; so now we can all get a sense of what these VR headsets are worth. Still, when you factor in VAT the UK price is just the same as in the US.

Pre-orders start from 29th February.

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