19 February 2016

NEWS: Hexbug take on Robot Wars

3... 2... 1... ACTIVATE!

When we recently heard that the BBC were set to bring back Robot Wars, out jaws hit the floor at the thought of reviewing a remote controlled Sir Killalot. But it seems that Hexbug, a gadget and toy maker we've featured before, has got in there early with their new range of fighting robots, Battlebots.

It didn't take a massive leap in imagination to apply the awesome Hexbug robots to a fighting, battling scenario, but according to Toyland, the sets will draw from the US TV show of the same, and feature RC robots with actual usable weapons. We're assuming these weapons won't include the likes of flame throwers and buzz saws, but the chance to fight robot-on-robot can't be missed.

Check back here for further news on prices and availability.  

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