27 February 2016

NEWS: Facebook 'reactions' are much better in Pirate mode


Since 25th February Facebook users can do more than simply 'Like' things... they can now react to them as well. As Facebook account holders might already have realised (by the way, we have a new Facebook page here) by hovering over the usual Like button they can now select from a small choice of emojis including 'wow' and 'angry'. But it becomes far more interesting if you change your language settings to Pirate.

Facebook has had the 'English (Pirate)' language option for a few years now, altering your standard notifications to pirate-speak such as Home Port for Home and Mayday! for Help. But by selecting Pirate as your primary language you also get far more evocative reaction choices.

'Warm me cockles', 'shiver me timbers', and 'yo-ho-ho' are all available, as well as our personal favourite (pictured above) 'Feelin' like takin' a walk on the plank with a bottle o' rum' for sad. To die-hard Twitter users like us, suddenly Facebook is appealing. Try it on your account today (and 'Like' us too!).

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