23 February 2016

NEWS: The CAT S60 Smartphone can see through walls

CAT's eyes.

Way back in July of 2013 we reviewed the impressively tough CAT B15 Rugged Smartphone. The most striking thing about that handset was that it was completely waterproof; something we tested by chucking it into a child's paddling pool while playing funny cat videos on it. However, sine then CAT Rugged Phones has come on leaps and bounds, and as revealed at MWC 2016 recently, their next level smartphone can see through walls, damn it!

The CAT S60 can do this thanks to a built-in thermal imaging camera. Yep, just the the Seek Thermal phone accessory we reviewed last year, you can use the S60 to see temperature changes, even through thin walls. As it comes from CAT the phone will also be waterproof, like the B15, as well as dust and shock proof to boot. Oh, and it also features a night vision camera as well. Coz why not, eh?

We're looking forward to getting our hands on a review sample when they become available, but until then you might to get saving up, as the CAT S60 will set you back more than £500.

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