11 January 2016

REVIEW: Groov-e Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Say cheese!

You are beautiful. You know it, we know, and God damn the whole world should know it too. Trouble is, being so gorgeous can be a big hassle, especially when you have to keep taking photos of yourself to upload to Twitter and Facebook. ‘At-arm’s-length’ selfies just can’t really capture your true stunning good looks, as they make your face look as if it’s straining to hold aloft your giant phablet phone. Fortunately Groov-e has the perfect product for you. Tell your admirers to relax, as we review the Bluetooth Selfie Stick.

Obviously you know what a selfie stick is, right? For those aged over 60 (and those who dwell under heavy, sound-proof rocks) a selfie stick allows you to hold your phone further away from your lovely face than your arm can reach, letting you pose naturally and capture the perfect sexy snap. However, with many old-school selfie sticks you have to first set the timer function on your phone’s camera app a-ticking, meaning you can only take one shot at a time. Groov-e has solved that problem.

Their Bluetooth Selfie Stick features a Bluetooth-controlled remote which, when paired to your smartphone, allows you to use the button on the non-slip grip as the camera shutter. So you can snap away to your heart’s content. After all, you are bloody gorgeous and just one picture is never enough.

The business end of the stick features a self-closing grip which can accommodate phones with up to a 5.8 inch screen, while the telescopic arms extends to a length of 90cm. It also all packs up pretty neatly, with the phone grip folding back around the stick itself, meaning it can easily slip into your pocket. And yes, Groov-e includes a short USB cable so you can charge it up easily.

What makes the Groov-e Selfie Stick even better is the fact that you can rotate the phone grip head (and lock it into place with the adjustable screw) allowing you to use it as a general filming boom arm, hoisting your phone high above your head to get a better and clearer shot, or when you want to poke it into a situation where you’d rather not put your arm (like filming a flying drone close up, or even getting a shot of child’s party – those can be pretty deadly).

Available in three colours, the Groov-e Bluetooth Selfie Stick is a must-have for selfie fans, as well as every gorgeous person in earth. Which includes you, you beautiful creature, you.


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