18 January 2016

REVIEW: Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card


If you're a photographer, or if you just like to happily snap away at anything that interests you, one of your life's great concerns will be storage. No matter how big the SD card in your camera is, at some point you're going fill it, and if that happens mid-shoot you're in trouble. If only there was a way to wirelessly transfer the photos you take directly to your phone, tablet, or laptop as soon as you take them. There is, thank Christ. We review the Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card.

If the name sounds familiar, its because we reviewed the non-PRO version in 2014 right here. We were impressed back then, especially at the speed at which the card could transfer large files, but Eyefi have added a lot more to the Mobi since then. Here are your headlines:

The Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card works just like a normal SDHC card in that you pop it in your camera and as you take the pics, the card will store them. We were sent the 16GB version (32GB also available) and found it worked very well in this 'direct-save' non-smart mode. However, just like its predecessor the Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card can project its own limited range WiFi network and send the snapped jpeg or RAW files directly to the connected device; be it your phone, tablet, Mac or PC. This means that, not only can you utilise the potentially much larger storage space on the device, but it also lets you see your image on a larger screen straight away.

The PRO version can also connect to your home, office, or studio WiFI network to download the images to your device, extending the card's existing range. This would make it perfect for photographers who work in a studio and need their clients or subjects to see the images on a big screen right away. It's also handy for saving the shots to a device that isn't right by you, such as photographing your kids in the garden while your laptop sits upstairs in your bedroom.

The Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card also lets you choose which of your shots are sent via WiFi to the connected device, so if you accidentally take a dud shot it won't necessarily have to be transferred. This new option is great, particularity if you're in a hurry to get your shots edited and shared, and if someone else is monitoring what pictures are being taken. So no more photos of the inside of the lens cover, or blurry shots of your feet.

Another bonus of the PRO version is the inclusion of a year's free subscription to Eyefi Cloud. This syncing service works in conjunction with the app installed on your receiving device to automatically (should you wish) upload all your pictures to the cloud, making them available to any of your devices with the Eyefi app on it. This service would usually set you back £34.99 for the year, so having it included, regardless of if you want to use it day-to-day, is pretty good.

Whereas snap-happy casual photo fans might find themselves not really needing this level of speed and convenience, for professional photographers we think the Eyefi Mobi PRO WiFi SD Card is a must-buy. Handy for both studio shoots and when out in the wilds, the speed and reliability of this thing is amazingly impressive. Give it a whirl, David Bailey.


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