3 December 2015

FEATURE: Stocking Fillers for kids #4

Deck the halls...

Crikey, the more of these we write, the closer to Christmas its actually getting. That is why it is super urgent that you read our latest kids' stocking fillers feature extremely quickly and immediately tear down to the shops, or get on Amazon, as by the time you pull out your much-abused credit card everything might have already been sold. Seriously, start reading now!

Death Star Mood Light

It wouldn't be a 2015 stocking fillers gift guide without some Star Wars merchandise, and this time round we have a novelty and a half. Remember that giant ominous space station that destroyed an entire planet in A New Hope, therefore murdering millions of people? Yeah, now you can light your desk with it. Hurrah!

This Death Star Mood Light thankfully will not be able to vaporise you at all this Christmas, instead being a gently glowing light perfect for illuminating a dark corner, or acting as a night light in a child's bedroom. Simply push the moon (wait, that's no moon. It's a space station!) to turn it on or off, and it is powered by a USB cable,.You know, one of those things you have twenty of.

Designed by paladone.com

Available from Staples, Freemans, & Forbidden Planet

Hexbug Spider

Nothing brings us more Christmas cheer than freaking out the cat with a radio-controlled robotic spider. Nothing. You too will be able to soak up the joy if you purchase this weird little thing from Hexbug; a pint-sized mechanical spider that can walk around and turn on a sixpence.

Using a clever mechanism, the spider will stride in the direction that you turn it's lone red LED 'eye', and those legs are pretty nifty at gripping most surfaces. The included remote is super small and easy to handle, while the controls themselves are simple enough for a toddler to master. But, and this is something we feel we have to mention... it only actually has six legs. If you can forgive that species classification error, you'll have hours of fun, especially because all batteries are included. Nice one, Hexbug; Christmas morning is saved.


Alien Mission

Although it has a name like the working title of a Ridley Scott Prometheus sequel, Alien Mission is actually a butt-load of good fun. Pop on the goggles and evil aliens will begin to appear in your field of view, AR-style. Once you see 'em, zap 'em before they steal our planet's precious resources like water and Christmas wrapping paper.

Sadly the goggles are a wee bit small for our large adult heads, so our six year old tester gave it a go. Her report is that while it was tricky to get the hang of (you have to line up the goggles with the included infra-red blaster to get a shot on target) it provided hours of very energetic fun. Parents note; you'll need six AAA batteries before the carnage can begin, but it was nice to see a kids game that actually involved them getting up on their feet. And, you know, murdering invading aliens. Merry Christmas!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutations Giant Leo Playset

Exactly the kind of thing that would have made our jaws drop as nine year olds, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutations Giant Leo Playset is just that; a giant model of turtle Leonardo that opens up into a huge playset. Already highlighted as one of the top toys for Christmas 2015, this thing includes nine different rooms and areas once opened up, giving kids' TMNT action figures (sold separately) a hell of a lot to do.

There's a jail, Michaelangelo's bedroom, a skate park with included skateboard (!), the turtle's dojo, Splinter's meditation room, a living area, Donatello's workshop, a pop-up look-out tower, and so much more. No end of dramatic encounters can take place on this thing, and as parents we especially loved that it can be both used to store all the kids' figures and accessories AND then close upright, saving on floor space. Which matter to parents, apparently.

Meanwhile the kids were having too much fun to care about available square footage, as the playset is so multi-faceted they were engrossed for hours. Granted this thing is slightly bigger than than your average stocking filler, but for young fans of the Ninja Turtles this is a dream come true.

Around £99

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