19 November 2015

REVIEW: MEGA Bloks Halo Flame Warthog

Hot stuff.

As 2015 begins to draw to a close, we've basically ran out of new MEGA Bloks Halo sets to review. But, so keen are we to keep a Halo-like presence on The Test Pit, that we're starting to take a look at older sets that are still available to buy. And so to kick things off we built the Flame Warthog from 2014.

This set, which perfectly captures probably the most famous vehicle from the Halo videos games, contains 207 parts and two micro action figures. As this set was released in 2014, those figures are of the newer highly articulated design which we reviewed in detail here. Taking us about 40 minutes to complete, the build was fun, includes some great printed parts, and produces an iconic car.

Here she is. We're sure you'll agree that the Warthog looks just plain awesome, especially with those printed flame graphics on the front which lend the set it's unique name. The majority of the rest of the vehicle is done in a dark combat green, with black and silver highlights. With both figures positioned on it, this thing looks ready to kick some Covenant ass.

As much as we love the figures included here, the main event is surely the Warthog itself. The scale of the 'real' vehicle is captured spot-on, and the designers have wisely seen fit to include details like the grab-rails on the front and rear, the foot plats to the side of each seat, a moulded winch on the front, and a smokey windscreen. We also love the nicely contrasting red colour of the seats.

The flame print goes across several bricks to make up the whole pattern, but still retains a consistent shape. There are no stickers used in this set at all (which we're very happy about - some of the even older sets we'll be reviewing in the coming weeks are extremely sticker heavy) as getting them applied correctly on the strange angles of the Warthog would be a nightmare. The shot above also demonstrates that aggressive look that we all loved from the game.

The rear-mounted mini-gun is done really well, with just a few parts combining to make it. We love the rubber ammo belt which seems to come from a box mounted on the gun's swivel arm, as it can stretch and twist as you angle the gun around. The handles fit into one of the figures' hands well, and there is plenty of room all around for a figure to stand on the back of the Warthog while firing. Note also the antenna - this too is made from a flexible rubber.

On the inside we have two seats which do indeed accommodate the figures (although they fit much better with one leg resting on the external footplate) and also a steering wheel, which can be gripped. There are no printed consoles or especially coloured parts inside here, but we feel that it really doesn't need it. Check out the textured plate parts on the side of each chair.

Although the Flame Warthog is sold as having "all-wheel suspension", it isn't really what you hope for. The wheels do individually move up and down, but only when you lift the car up from the ground. We've seen in the 2015 Attack Gausshog set that MEGA Bloks are now using an actual spring system for suspension, giving the Warthogs a real bouncy effect. Its a shame that isn't included here, but this is an older set after all... 

Onto the included figures, and the Flame Warthog set comes with two Gungnir Spartans in different colour armour. Although the figures are identical, but having them in contrasting colours works very well, looking as if they are a specialised Warthog crew. They come with two weapons, a tactical shotgun and an LMG, and also a target locator device which is nice little accessory to have.

The detail on the figures is great, and we especially love the Gungnir in red. Obviously, as these are the newer kinds of figures, all those armour pieces can be taken off and swapped about, meaning you can completely customise them - even swapping armour among the two included here to make a cool yellow/red arrangement. 

Although identical to the red, the yellow Spartan looks a little more plastic-y and we feel the figure could do with a wash of some sort to dirty him up. Still, the detail is fantastic, the articulation is like no other action figure of this scale we've seen, and he looks hot damn cool.

"To the beach!"

We feel this 2014 set is a very welcome addition to our growing MEGA Bloks Halo collection, as it presents a classic vehicle in a striking new way. The build was fun, the figures are great, and the total pieces are perfect should you wish to build your own custom stuff. And, as this is an older set, you can currently pick it up at alarmingly cheap prices. We sourced ours from House of Fraser for less than £15, but some sets are currently selling on eBay for around a tenner! Check it out.

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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