23 November 2015

COMPETITION: Win Og On The Bog from Drumond Park

Toilet humour. 

Prepare to cause a stink and to poo-poo your opponents if you win the bog, sorry... big prize in our latest competition. Offering another treat of a game from our chums at Drumond Park, you could be walking away with Og On The Bog! That'll make Christmas Day fun, won't it? 

Og On The Bog is a game of nerves and steady hands. The goal is to pinch all of Og's, a grumpy old troll, toilet rolls, leaving him stuck in his filthy bog, farting away. However, disturb the loo roll stick too much while swiping them, and Og will hear you... and blow out a fart loud enough to destroy his own bog!

Obviously we don't need to tell you just how much fun this game is... we mean come on, it features a farting troll for goodness sake! But it is also incredibly simple to both set up and play, making it the perfect Christmas gift for young children. And for thirty-something journalists who, wisely, never grew out of finding farts funny. 

Around £20 

Visit www.drumondpark.com

Here's how to enter... 

To enter simply get on Twitter and follow us (@thetestpit) and then retweet any tweet we've posted about the Og On The Bog competition before 6pm on 30th November 2015. 

The competition will close at 6pm on 30th November 2015 and the winners will be notified soon after. UK entrants only please. To win the entrants must be following The Test Pit at the time of the draw and have previously retweeted at least one related tweet. The judges' decision is final. For T&Cs please send us an email.

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