22 October 2015

REVIEW: MEGA Bloks Halo Covenant Commander

This commands your attention.

Continuing with our look at the 2015 Halo releases from MEGA Bloks, we're back again in alien territory. Last time we built and reviewed the Banshee Strike, and this time we're looking at an equally well-known vehicle from the game series, The Ghost. But that is no ordinary Elite flying about here, as this set features a named character. We review the Covenant Commander.

This set, which weighs in with 116 parts and one micro action figure, contains a Ghost land speeder which, with some mischievous delight, can be commandeered in game to wreak havoc with the enemy. But, as nice as the vehicle is, we were super keen keen to get our hands on the figure, the commander himself, Jul 'Mdana. Let's take a look.

And here we are. The build itself was a breeze, taking no longer than twenty minutes to complete. As you can see (and this was the same for the Banshee) the vast majority of the parts are either dark purple or black, so whatever you do, don't try to build this in low light. Which we did to start with, and royally messed it up. However, once completed it looks rather fetching, capturing the look of a 'real' Ghost perfectly. And yep, no stickers at all. We love MEGA Bloks for that.

Jul 'Mdana is definitely the best Covenant figure we've yet seen, with shimmering blue armour and a chunky, detailed mask/helmet. The figure also features two prints; a claw logo on his breastplate, and the white detailing on the top of the mask. This is also the first time we've got a figure with an energy sword, which looks great in transparent blue.

Although being made from the usual Elite body parts, Jul 'Mdana seems to stand a little taller than most other figures. Yes, the helmet is somewhat larger, pushing up his height, but because he isn't armed with a large rifle, as many Elite figures are, you can really stretch him up and balance him back the way. We love him.

The Ghost itself looks great from all angles and there is a nice level of detail to the cockpit, with hand-holds, a seat, and also pedals. We like how the front winglets are angled aggressively forwards, matching the curve of that large piece up front.

There are some great parts here, from the curved body pieces themselves, to the smaller bits like the round plates on the side. If you love Covenant design then this is a good, and cost effective, way to get some appropriate parts. And, of course, it is very swooshable.

Oh, and on the underside, there are three rounded transparent pieces which serve to elevate The Ghost slightly. This is great not only in terms of aesthetics, but also as it makes sliding the vehicle around on a smooth surface much easier.

Here is the fellow himself on his steed. One thing we noticed is that, because of the position of Jul's head, it was a bit difficult to get him in the seat. Here we have him slightly standing, which allows his head to peer over the canopy, but the whole set-up looks much cooler when...

...he has a hand out to the side, wielding his energy sword. Another thing to note is that human figures, such as Spartans, fit in there much better than Elites. 

So a great little set with nice parts and a stunning figure. The Covenant Commander is one of those small sets that often gets overlooked due to the bigger, flashier boys, but this is great value, with great play potential.


Available from www.thetoyshop.com  

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