21 September 2015

REVIEW: LEGO Technic Record Breaker & Quad Bike (42033 & 42034)

Twice as nice.

Returning with another look at a LEGO Technic set, this time we've decided to give you a two for one special offer. As many individual LEGO sets can combine their parts to create something new, we've decided to test such a pair out. Adding to the sores on our fingertips, we review the LEGO Technic Record Breaker & Quad Bike (42033 & 42034).

Both these sets are considered 'step-up' in the world of Technic, as they might not be quick and simple builds, but contain not that many more than 100 parts. Both these vehicles do contain the pull-back Technic engine block that we've had fun with many times before and generally look pretty awesome and unique.

Each set took about 30 minutes to complete using quite different parts and building methods. First up, the Record Breaker...

This long and sleek car is supposed to emulate the look of the many land speed world record breaking vehicles of years gone by, such as the Thrust SSC. The 125 parts combine to make quite a well filled-out body that looks unmistakably like what it aims to be.

The cockpit does indeed open and inside you'll find a seat and a steering wheel that can actually fit a minifigure. Above you can also see the pretty good use of stickers (both these sets use about half a dozen each, with most featuring advertising of some sort), as well as the tail assembly and rocket exhaust. We also like the shiny silver engine inlet in front of the canopy.

And boy, can this thing move! Of all the pull-back powered Technic models we've reviewed, this one can go the farthest and fastest. It probably has to do with the relative light weight, low clearance, and that the front wheels are exceptionally thin, reducing the amount of friction. Whatever the reason, kids won't be disappointed with this.

Just to show you that the Record Breaker can indeed hold a minifigure, here we have Homer Simpson going for the land speed record. Could you imagine a greater disaster waiting to happen?

On to the Quad Bike now, and here LEGO have created something on an altogether different scale. It is much taller than the Record Breaker, contains more parts (148 in fact), and has a much more rough-and-ready design. Certainly it is sturdily built: lob it down the stairs and it will stay intact.

That grey block at the rear is the pull-back spring casing. While not as fast as the Record beaker, the Quad Bike will power over obstacles and ramps and usually lands on the wheels. Here you can get a better look at the scale-highlighting handlebars.

Again, lots of advertising stickers which makes the Quad Bike seem like a championship racer or something like that. Thankfully the stickers' colouring works well with the included bricks, so nothing stands out too much. There are also some nice seat-print stickers denoting where the rider should sit.

So more parts certainly, but the alien scale that is too big for minifigs might put some off. Still, a great design, a fun build, and - if you have some laying around - the Quad Bike makes a great steed for a Bionicle character.

To war!!! But, as we said in the intro, these two sets can combine to make something new. In the case of the Record Breaker and the Quad Bike, it is possible to build (once you get the instructions from the LEGO Technic website) the Extreme Off Roader.

This is a pretty neat Technic build as it employs both pull-back engine blocks from the other two sets. Minifig scale, complete with seat and steering wheel from the Record Breaker, the Extreme Off Roader is nice and chunky with some cool design features.

There are the side exhausts, the wing mirrors, the flat-bed on the back, and also an impressive use of the other two set's parts. Using both pull-back blocks means it will go very fast, and as it uses the Quad Bike's wheels, there is plenty of grip. This is a very nice toy to build should you get bored with the other two, and it acts like a nice incentive to purchase both. Oh, and with the parts left over after building it, we made our own...

...UAV drone. You know, because we could. So two great sets that portray very accurately what they intend to. Plus, a great 'B' model that kids can work toward once they fancy a change.

£17.99 each

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