4 September 2015

NEWS: Force Friday eye-catchers

September the fourth be with you!

You must be living under a sound-proof rock (with no access to Twitter) not to know that today was the day that toy companies around the globe launched their new Star Wars merchandise, in anticipation for the forthcoming Episode VII The Force Awakens. We've been inundated by press releases and tweets today, but here are a few fun things that really caught out eye.

Sphero's BB-8

By far the most new-worthy Star Wars-themed toy revealed today was this new offering from the maker's of Sphero (which we reviewed here). This plucky little toy captures the look of the new movie droid perfectly, essentially being a Sphero with what we assume to be a magnetically attached head on top. Check out the video below, and keep an eye out on this site as we're mad keen to review one soon.

LEGO Star Wars sets

There were several new sets announced by LEGO (yesterday, weirdly enough), but the one that has garnered the most attention has to be the Millennium Falcon. This certainly isn't the first incarnation of Han Solo's iconic ship in LEGO (with one such set still holding the record for the highest number of parts), but this does offer the first proper look of the Falcon from the new trilogy of films. Ooo, new radar dish! Again, we've high hopes to review this beast, so check back soon.

Millennium Falcon drone

Yes, it may just be a small quadcopter wrapped up in Falcon-shaped plastic, but by golly we'd love to be able to fly this baby. On the Kessle Run.

Hasbro Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Toy giant Hasbro released lots of new Star Wars stuff today, as you might imagine, but the one product that really caught our eye was the thing that made us look up during the teaser trailer – that lightsaber. Sure, the toy version looks a little less threatening than the one being wielded by the mysterious assumed-to-be-a-Sith-Lord Kylo Ren, but still it looks awesome good fun. We remember excitedly snapping up Darth Maul's double-ended blade back in 1999, so this will also go on the want list. There is also a more expensive Force FX version planned too. Cool.

Star Wars bed. Christ.

And then there is this from American store Pottery Barn. For a mere $4000 your kids can fall asleep in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Which is something we assume Han and Chewie should never do. But seriously... $4000?!? We hope it can actually jump to hyperspace for that price.

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