14 August 2015

REVIEW: Wishbone Smart Thermometer

Make a wish.

If there is one thing more sure than eggs being eggs, it is that sooner or later your baby will burst into adorable little tears. But as a parent, how can you tell if a cry that won't seem to stop is something to worry about? Taking a baby's temperature is a good way to get an idea if something is wrong, but often this can be a tricky and invasive procedure. What we need is a contactless, multi-purpose thermometer that can relay data to our smartphones. We do, and it's called the Wishbone Smart Thermometer.

This tiny gadget, just a couple of inches in length, plugs directly into your phone's headphone port. To get a measurement of your baby's temperature, you simply hold the end of the Wishbone a short distance from the child's forehead. The temperature is recorded and passed to the associated app, displaying an accurate temperature in just seconds. This data can then be stored within the app to create a very visual history of the temperatures taken, allowing mum or dad to track changes in the wee one's condition.

So far, so handy; and we were impressed by how quickly and easily all this happened. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, is clean and user friendly. It allows you to use the Wishbone Smart Thermometer in one of three ways; body, object, and ambient modes. Because of this you can test the temperature of more than just your baby's (or anyone's, in fact) body, but also their milk, bath, cot and bedroom. So definitely multi-purpose then.

The Wishbone Smart Thermometer works thanks to an infrared sensor, meaning it does not emit any kind of radiation or sound wave. This is good to know, because as a parent you try to make it your primary concern that nothing dodgy and dangerous is being held up to your baby's brain (we hope, at least).

We really like the Wishbone Smart Thermometer, especially because it has so many uses. Yes, it might be a very accurate thermometer, but the fact that the app can record and store different measurements and present that data in a manner that is easy to understand, makes this a very effective medical tool. If something is wrong with your baby, and you decide to call a doctor, you'll already have information of how they've been, aiding the doctor with a diagnosis.

But it doesn't stop there. If you're trying to conceive the Wishbone Smart Thermometer can help in monitoring a woman's ovulation, or indeed anything that requires close and accurate body temperature measurement. The hats truly are off for this one.


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