18 August 2015

REVIEW: Lumo Lift

Straight talking.

If you thought the only thing wearable technology could do was log your steps, count calories, and track your distance travelled, prepare to have your mind resolutely changed. Did you know that some can even tell you off for slouching? We know, what a world eh? We review the Lumo Lift.

The Lumo Lift is a tiny little wearable that you place under your clothing, against your skin. Held in place by a discreet magnetic plate, the Lift does everything you expect from a normal activity tracker... with one pretty important extra feature: slouch, and this thing will politely vibrate, reminding you to STAND UP STRAIGHT YOU DISGUSTING COMMONER!

Okay, so it isn't that bad, and in fact the wearer is the one who decides what should be considered bad posture. Still...

Pop it on your upper torso, pair it with the associated app (iOS and Android, obviously),  then programme it to know what is your preferred stance. We stood as straight as we could, head held high, shoulders back, in what we like to call our 'lack of crippling insecurities' stance. Once the Lumo Lift was set up and running, it continued in its activity tracker guise, counting steps and distance moved.

However, if at any point we stood a certain way, or sat all bendy and 'cool', the Lift would vibrate as a reminder. The sensation is actually quite startling as the device is up against your skin, and the first time it ever did this (after we'd forgotten the bloody thing was there) it frightened the crap out of us. Once we were accustomed to the feeling however, it was less of a surprise, and we discovered we were paying better attention to our posture. Which is apparently good for our health.

But does anyone actually need this? As an activity tracker the Lumo Lift worked excellently, always recording accurate results. The connected app is also nice and user friendly, and the device itself is solidly built and beautifully designed (we really like the idea of using magnets to attach wearable technology).

We're just not too sure that shocking people into thinking about their posture is the right way to go, especially when the wearer gets to set the baseline norm themselves. If you're a natural sloucher (you filthy animal) and set such a posture as normal, the Lumo Lift will actually tell you off when you stand 'properly'.

Still, if you're looking for a tracker that does a little bit more, at a very competitive price, with some gorgeous minimalist style, you should catch a 'Lift'.


Visit www.lumobodytech.com

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