26 July 2015

REVIEW: Kenwood 2GoSport Juicer

Juice 2 go.

A juicer is a great gadget to help you get all the vitamins and minerals you need each day to stay healthy. But, by God, they aren't half messy! The one juicer we have previously reviewed was great, but a pain in the bum to clean. Fortunately for those with very little time on their hands, and for those with super active lifestyles, there is a solution. It's called the Kenwood2GoSport Juicer.

Simple is the order of the day here: the Kenwood 2GoSport Juicer features a basic base unit with a wall plug and chunky dial on the front. Included along with it are two slender plastic 'sports' bottles which each feature a seal-able cap and drinking spout. Simply chuck in your desired fruit and veg into one of the bottles (quite finely chopped mind, to fit them through the opening) screw on the blade attachment, then pop that onto the top of the base. Hit the switch.

Essentially the Kenwood 2GoSport Juicer eliminates several stages of blending by making the drink directly into the receptacle from which you shall be drinking; in this case a thin, easy to hold (for running and that, you fitty) bottle. Therefore you take your mess with you, leaving the base unit completely free of fruit splatter.

We like this idea, especially because we don't enjoy cleaning small and random parts of blenders and juicers. This means you can quickly make yourself a juice first thing before leaving for work, rinse out your bottle during the day at the office, then give it a quick hand wash that evening, ready for the following morning. And yes, hand wash it must be, as the bottles and blade attachment are not dishwasher safe.

In terms of the juices it made, we were quite impressed. We tried most things with it, from simple berry mixes with ice cubes, to more complex smoothies with green leaves and nuts. All the blends worked quite well, with just the occasional bit of skin from an apple, or fibre from the likes of spinach. One thing to note is that we found we had to leave the juicer going for anything up to a minute sometimes, especially for smoothie-like drinks with bananas. This is because a thick shake was a bit difficult to drink through the small sip spout of the bottle's cap. We can see why it is so small, to help keep the drink in for runners and joggers perhaps, but for those of us getting our daily exercise on the bus it meant we had to suck pretty hard to draw the drink through.

But that is trifle moan about a product that works very well, and for such an attractive price. Probably far more handy for those who actually are active and pressed for time, this is still a good-looking and effective kitchen gadget.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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