4 July 2015

REVIEW: Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning... unplugged.

Vacuum cleaners are continuing to get better and better, be they bagged, bagless, cyclone, or robotic. But despite the leaps forward in technology, one annoying factor remains with most vacuum cleaners... the cord. Having to work around an electric cable can be tricky, let alone a massive pain in the bum having to wind it up and detangle it the next time. Imagine if there was a battery-powered dust buster big enough to do the whole house. There is, and it's called the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

To get a handle on the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner simply imagine a hand-held cleaner, or dust buster, and then stretch it out to upright proportions, keeping the rechargeable battery. That is essentially what it is, but one that performs like a wired vacuum cleaner, while retaining the ease of grab-it-and-clean usability.

So how does something this light and slender manage to outperform some traditional wired models? Well the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a 30V battery which will let you suck away at your floors non-stop for up to 60 minutes. The bagless machine has a powered rotating brush at the business end that helps to dislodge dust and dirt from carpet fibres, easing the job of the vacuum itself. There are separate settings for hard floors and carets, a turbo boost button which increases the power (although sucks juice much quicker), and an included charger wire for when the battery is depleted.

On that note, a full charge for the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will take around 16 hours from flat, which really is something to consider and remember if you plan on using this every day for the full hour. We found that we tended to whip it out for just 15 minutes a day, so needed to plug it in every few days. To keep you informed there is a really clear battery indicator which glows bright blue right on the front of the device.

In use it was an absolute pleasure. Gone had the faff of our conventional (and much bulkier and heavier) vacuum cleaner, which requires the usual messing around with the wire. We simply unplugged the Hoover and set immediately to cleaning without a second thought. The jointed suction head also helped with this, and thanks to the slim design we found we didn't need any additional attachments as we could slide the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner into most small spaces.

We could congratulate Hoover on producing a cleaner that is significantly quieter than previous and competitors' models, or for creating a cleaner that uses far less energy to run; but  we're most impressed with the ease of use. Normally we hate vacuuming (check out the amount of crap that was sucked out of our carpets here), but thanks to the Hoover Unplugged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner it became a chore to enjoy.

We tested Model No. UNP300RS (£179.99) but there is also the UNP204B (£149.99), UNP264P001 (£229.99), and the UNP252C001 (£279.99), each with slightly different specs and colours.

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