10 July 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Kitchen Range

Cooking up a storm.

Following hot on the heels of their recent Home-bakingrange, supermarket chain Aldi are hitting us with yet more home-based bargains with their new Specialbuy Kitchen Range. Let's take a quick look at what is up for grabs...

The Home-baking and Kitchen ranges are something of a departure from the usual sport and activity ranges that Aldi regularly releases, but these are great opportunities to stock up your kitchen with essentials without breaking the bank. The new Kitchen Specialbuy Range includes such necessities as a wok (£9.99), a grill pan (£12.99), a set of steak knives (£5.99), essentials like ladles, whisks and tongs (£1.79 each), a set of ceramic knives (£12.99), an electric multi-cooker (£34.99), a stainless steel blender (£17.99), a 45 litre touch bin (£7.99), and so much more.

As ever, we were sent a small selection of the products currently available, to check them out. We happily received the ceramic knife set, a big spoon from the £1.79 each range, the wok, and the 45 litre bin. Which we asked for especially. Because we really needed a new bin. Thanks Aldi.

The knife set is pretty remarkable in that it includes four exceptionally sharp blades, along with guards for each. The knives feel far better quality than the price would imply, and after a few days of use we think they are great.

The big spoon thing (what are big kitchen spoons called?) was actually pretty sturdy despite that incredibly low price, and seems like it could withstand years of heavy use. As did the wok, which although was slightly smaller than woks we've used in the past, would perfectly serve a student in their new digs, or a young couple without kiddy-winks.

And the bin. BIN BIN BIN! We love the bun, as it is actually a decent size and can be used to fill a normal sized bin liner. It uses a little touch button on the top to open the lid, eliminating the need for fingers to touch the underside, as you might have to with a normal bin.

Once again, Aldi have put together a range that is affordable and extremely attractive. Check it out.

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