18 June 2015

FEATURE: Summer style

It's hot. Wear this.

Summer, like its evil cousin Winter, is a time of year that demands your wardrobe's attention. No longer can you just throw on any old bit of kit, as that glorious sunshine and hot weather warrants specialist professional equipment. Kind of. To that end we've gathered together some awesome apparel to don this sunny season.

NEFF Clothing and accessories

NEFF is a Californian clothing company that is making its European debut this summer... and we're glad they are. Caps, t-shirts, shorts, watches and sunglasses are all to be found on their site, each with a definite and unique style. In the past the brand's designers have collaborated with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Scarlet Johansson to produce collections, so we were keen to get a selection of their kit to try out here in dear old Blighty. Here's what we took a look at:

NEFF Tees. Coming with a variety of pretty interesting designs, the NEFF Tees are a blend of polyester and cotton, making them exceptionally comfortable and cool on hot days. All the designs feature surreal blends of Americana imagery, from Las Vegas signs, to stars and stripes, to beanie-capped skulls (?). The range is impressively diverse, and the tees are perfect for making individual statements on a summer's day.

NEFF Caps. Coming in what seems like an even greater degree of diversity than the Tees, Neff's range of hats is pretty impressive. We were sent a standard baseball cap to try out, but there are also bucket hats and snapback caps.

NEFF Sunglasses. Completing your upper-body look should be a cracking pair of specs. NEFF's range is crazily varied, from standard fare black sunglasses, to uniquely styled sunnies and brodies. Many of shades in the range are a variant of the classic 80s black sunglasses, but some are wonderfully bat shit crazy - and if you can't go a little nuts at this time of year, when can you?

Montane PRIMINO Base Layer

If your concerns this summer are more performance than looks, then the new PRIMINO base layers from Montane should right up your... mountain. The crew neck t-shirts are 50% merino wool, 25% Polyester, and 25% PrimaLoft. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable to wear, being firm yet stretchy, they help to keep you warm should it get cool, and cool should it get warm.

We've worn other merino wool products in the past for more energetic tests, but those were quite tight-fitting long sleeved tops. The PRIMINO crew neck t-shirts from Montane seem to be more versatile however, providing a more comfortable fit and a great solution to the ever fickle British weather. The tops are fast drying, coated with an antibacterial treatment, and have flatlock seams to keep it as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Nice colours too.


Maui Jim Long Beach Sunglasses

It wouldn't be summer without a proper pair of sunglasses, and we're proud as punch to be able to review yet another pair of sunnies from Maui Jim. After perusing the extensive range on their website, we opted to take a look at (and through) the newly released Long Beach.

Simple and classic styling is the order of the day here, and the Long Beach Sunglasses are sleek, slender and cool. The frames themselves come in a choice of colours including matt black, blue, or orange, and the whole package gives the buyer a choice of lens. Maui Jim's lens choice impressed us last year when we first set eyes on (and in) a pair of their glasses, and the Long Beach are similarly catered for. Choose from neutral grey, bronze, and rose to truly personalise your specs and get your peepers set for whatever the summer might throw at them.


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