13 May 2015

REVIEW: PearPeel Dual Phone Case

A lovely pear.

If you are anything like we are, your phone is your life. But is your phone for your personal or business life, as not all handsets can be both. For many people carrying two separate phones is essentially to balancing work and just about everything else. But lugging around two gadgets like that can be awkward and you're guaranteed to pull out the wrong device from your bag when you hear a ring tone. If only there was a way to keep those two equally important phones together. There is, and it's called the PearPeel Dual Phone Case.

Many of us will protect our expensive smartphones by keeping it in a leather folding wallet; you know, the kind with a closing flap to keep that huge screen scratch free. Thing is, that flap doesn't really do anything else, does it? The clever clogs behind PearPeel have put it to good use, allowing you to store your second mobile there. Hey presto: one case, two phones. Sorted.

The PearPeel case is a lovely thing to behold, made as it is from high quality Eco Verde leather and built both to keep your devices firmly contained and well protected too. Your phones will also be easily detachable from the PearPell thanks to the way they stick in there. Two separate Velcro patches come with the case, allowing you to peel off the adhesive side of one and stick to the back of your phone, then you can simply press the phone into place inside the case. The Velcro patch is pretty resilient and we found that a little twist of the handset was required to pull it free. Nice to know it won't slip out of the case though.

Obviously, with two phone screens pressed together inside the case you might be concerned about them scratching each other. Fortunately that has been thought about, and the PearPell case features a velvety divider which separates the screen and adds a lot of rigidity to the whole case.
Depending on your model(s) of phone, there are 18 different case designs available, allowing you match it with your device to make sure you get the correct size, and to ave the choice of a cut-out for the camera lens and also a fastening strap.

In the hand the PearPeel case feels great, and the quality of leather shows itself once you use it for any amount of time. Having two phones pressed together isn't as bulky as you might think, although the case really isn't something most people would find comfortable carrying in their pockets. For commuters and business people, who will be used to carrying their phone in a bag or brief case anyway, this is perfect.


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