6 May 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Cycling Range

A wheely good selection.

Hot on the heels of Aldi's recent Mountain Bike range, the supermarket have launched yet another Specialbuy selection of goodies for those of us who prefer to get around on two wheels. The Aldi Cycling range features all the kit and clothing you'll need for a summer of biking about, and once again it is all priced amazingly low. Let's take a wee gander, shall we?

Whereas the aforementioned Mountain Bike range featured tougher, more rugged biking stuff, the Cycling range is filled with more general kit that the city cycling commuter and day trip loving pedal-pushers will enjoy. As ever with an Aldi Specialbuy range there a is great mix of clothing and accessories, and the choice certainly doesn't disappoint. And yes, it's mostly from our dear chums at Crane - producers of just about every sporting and lifestyle accessory you could want.

Up front is a pair of great quality cycling shoes (£24.99) which look good and are slim enough to easy move about on your pedals. There's also a soft-shell cycling jacket for men and women (£15.99) which features a breathable yet windproof fabric, a premium cycling shirt (£14.99), cycling shorts (£7.99), a choice of three rucksacks (£15.99), as well as smaller things such as gloves, socks, a spiral lock, sunglasses and a tyre repair kit.

See the full range at www.aldi.co.uk

We were sent a selection of the range to try out (all being keen cyclists), and here's what we most liked:

Bike Rucksack

Of the three available in the range, we were sent the smallest: the six litre capacity Bike Rucksack (10 and 15 litres are also available). We were surprised how much, for just fifteen quid, this bag had going for it, and the added extras that make it truly desirable. For one, there is a pull-out rain cover, something that was missing from the bag offered by the Mountain Bike range. There are also fully adjustable straps for the waist and chest, space for a water bladder (and hole for the straw) and tightening elastic to keep the bag as small and as tight as possible. Comfortable on, this is ideal for long cycles out to keep your tool kit and sandwiches handy.


Cycling Shorts

These snug shorts, available for both men and women, are flexible, breathable and actually reach down to your knees so you feel like less of a prat while riding around (trust us, we've all worn some shockingly short cycling shorts in our time). Available in colours you might actually want to be seen in (ours were neat black with white details), the shorts are exceptionally comfortable and help make even the bumpiest of rides tolerable. The gel padding in the seat of the shorts is some of the thickest and most comfortable any of us have ever experienced, so double win there, and as the bottom of the legs feature grippy rubber panels, they won't be riding up any time soon. Pretty incredible at just...


Bicycle Computer

No, not a way to play Minecraft while dodging the morning traffic; this handy little gizmo is in fact a way to keep track of what you do on your bike. It can monitor distance travelled, your maximum speed, the average speed of your journey, the amount of calories you have burnt, the CO2 saving you've made compared to a car, and lots of other things. You might already have an app on your phone to do all of that, but having the info displayed right there in front of you by a machine you've spent less than a fiver on, might actually encourage you to push yourself a little harder. After all, who is seriously going to pedal as fast as they can with a £500 phone strapped to their handle bars?


Spiral Bike Lock

We mean, come on... this damn thing sis only £2.49! Who wouldn't want that? Despite the low cost, this bike lock is reassuringly sturdy and we felt comfortable enough to leave a bike locked up with this for a few hours while out and about. It comes with two keys, a flip-down rain cover to keep the lock rust-free, and comes in a choice of colours. Absolutely everyone needs a bike lock, and this one is great. And look, it's only bloody...


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