1 April 2015

REVIEW: XShine Camera Light


So much of our lives is captured on camera these days, from nights out to that time you decide to film yourself going backwards down a car park ramp in a supermarket trolley at midnight. Action cams are great for getting right up into the action, but what do you do when the sun goes down? Without built-in flashes, those tiny rugged cams are useless. Until now, thanks to the XShine Camera Light.

Unlike external flashes that can pair with your phone or camera, the XShine from XSories (ex-ess-ories... as in 'accessories'. We know, made us feel a bit sick too) is a simple additional unit with 36 LED lights and an on-off switch. What makes it truly useful to photographers (and people hurling themselves around in trolleys) is how it can attach to things.

The XShine features a quarter-inch universal screw thread, meaning it can be set on most traditional tripods and clamps to be used as a scenic light. This means it can set about to light a scene as you would with a larger lamp, or mounted to just about anything that needs extra light, such as a bicycle. But the XShine also features Hotshoe mounting slots making it compatible with most action cameras. Using the Hotshoe mount it can therefore be mounted immediately below the camera, be it on your helmet, your bike, your skateboard, or your supermarket trolley. Due to the close proximity with the action cam, your scene will be beautifully lit in bright white light - just as in daytime.

We decided to try it out on some office photography, taking a snap of something we seem to get a lot of - LEGO minifigures. Although Test Pit Towers is fairly well lit, we always find our daytime photography to be a bit dark and in need of editing. So, with the XShine positioned just to the side, we took this:

We're very happy with the brightness on this shot (taken with a phone) and found no need to edit it to upload here. What's even better is that the XShine features a removable, rechargeable battery, meaning just a couple of hours of charging and you're good to go for a night of shooting.


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