23 April 2015

REVIEW: Otone Blufiniti

Pint-sized punch-packer.

Wait... before you click away, tutting and lambasting us for reviewing YET ANOTHER portable Bluetooth speaker, hold your horses. This one might be of interest, because although it weighs in at a similar size and price as the billion other little Bluetooth speakers out there, the Blufiniti by Otone produces a sound that makes it stand out from the crowd. Here's what we found...

We've reviewed so many portable Bluetooth speakers over the years that our Bluetooth device lists on our phones is very long (really ought to delete a few of those). Sometimes we can be a bit stuck for what to write about when presented with yet another palm-handy, fifty quid-ish costing speaker, so we were delightfully surprised when we switched on the Otone Blufiniti. Damn, does it sound good!

The thing itself is a joy to hold in your hand, being light enough not to be noticed all that much in a bag (and yes, you get a carry case included. Win!), and slim enough that it doesn't take over your belongings. On top there are rubberised buttons for the power, volume, and pairing, while on the back is a USB port for charging and an Aux-In for wired connections. You get a choice of colours too, which thankfully includes black and white.

Pairing with the Blufiniti is easy as pie, and not really something that needs column inches. What does is the quality of sound the thing can throw out. The 10W output, which is much higher than we expected from a speaker of this size, does an excellent job at reproducing all kinds of music and sounds. It isn't often that we can say that a portable Bluetooth speaker is room-filling, but this definitely is.

The thing that usually lets smaller speakers down is the drop in sound quality as the volume increases. But with the Otone Blufiniti the sounds were still crisp and clean right the way to the highest level of volume. Even after one room had been filled, and the next was quickly filling, vocals were sharp, bass was deep and resonating, and treble was smooth.

This is a excellent speaker that could be used both for travel, and about the home, in a multitude of scenarios. Great sound, great looks, and a surprisingly low price. That's a triple winner.


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