22 April 2015

REVIEW: Kitvision Rush Action Cam

Rush hour.

When we recently set to testing the Kitvision Splash ActionCam, we were impressed that a camera that small could capture such good quality video. So when Kitvision got in touch about their latest action cam, asking if we'd like to test it,  we...err... rushed to try it out. It's the Kitvision Rush Action Cam.

We're big fans of Kitvision here, and think their range of action cameras are both excellent and decently priced. The Rush is the third action cam we've reviewed from Kitvision and we were immediately struck by the look of the thing. Unlike a conventional action cam (think of a GoPro) this camera is designed lengthways, meaning the whole body of the unit sits behind the lens. This gives it a sleek look and a far more narrower profile than other cams you might happen to be strapping to yourself.

The details are similar to the Kitvision Edge we reviewed last year (1080p video at 30fps, WiFi built-in), but unlike it's sibling the Rush does not need an enclosure to get wet. The whole body of the camera is waterproof up to a depth of ten metres, meaning any further bulk of a separate plastic case is thankfully lost. The Rush even features a screw-on cap to the rear from where you access the Micro SD card, USB, and HDMI ports, as well as switches to toggle between recording modes and to activate the WiFi. On top you get simply a sliding record switch (similar to the one on the Garmin Virb, and very handy when you fingers are gloved) and the on/off switch which also acts as the stills photography shutter.

The included array of mounts and accessories is, as ever from Kitvision, impressive. You get parts and bits to mount your Rush Action Cam to a skateboard, to your handlebars, to your helmet (both smooth and vented), and to a shoulder strap. You also get all the angle-poised mounts you could hope for, meaning this thing could be set on just about anything, and at any angle, to capture the action. There's also an included USB cable for charging and data transfer, and... wait for it... A CARRY POUCH! GET IN!

And in use? The footage the Kitvision Rush Action Cam captures is awesome, and in the normal mode of 1080p (at 30fps - 60fps is also available, but at 720p) we filmed the below to give you an idea of how it looks. The day was a bit gloomy, but strapped to the top of a bike helmet the Rush performed fantastically.

We mentioned the included USB cable for charging and copying over your footage to your computer, but a far simpler way of doing that is via the built-in WiFi. When activated, the Rush becomes its own WiFi hotspot which your laptop or phone can connect to and access the files saved on the SD card. The streaming rates were always very good over the Wifi, and in this mode you can also see the camera's live feed, allowing you to use it as a wireless camera should you need to. Interestingly, the Rush also records your footage twice; once as the high-def video you need, and simultaneously in a lower resolution format, allowing you immediately upload it to the likes of YouTube and Twitter. This would be super handy if you didn't have the time to format the video for the web, and both files sit happily together on the SD card. Nice touch.

So another excellent product from Kitvision; one that offers adventurers a stylish alternative to the blocky action cams that crowd the market currently. We love most of all the fact that it doesn't need a separate case to be submerged under water, which will certainly help out when taking it out into the exciting unknown. Or, you know, if you're off for a gentle cycle around your neighbourhood.


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