7 April 2015

FEATURE: Report from The Gadget Show Live

Gadget Mecca.

Coming at you like a crazy technology-hungry magpie, today we're reporting live from the gadget world's annual get-together, The Gadget show Live. Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham until the weekend, the convention is a great chance to see the very latest in consumer technology, gadgets, toys, and novelties. Today we met a lot of lovely people and played with a lot of lovely gizmos, but here we wanted to highlight a few that really caught our eye.


This range of electric bicycles really stood out for not appearing how you'd expect a battery-powered bike to look. The range features road bikes, rugged mountain bikes and hybrid bikes to cater for all kinds of cyclists.


This tiny thing is the smallest and, most importantly, lightest action camera we've ever seen. Seriously, you have to hold this thing to believe it. When given a demonstration we assumed we were holding a hollow prototype, not the actual thing. Recently introduced from Germany, the Mycrocam features 720p HD video and weighs in at just 17 grams! You could smoother a quadcopter in these things and still fly.


One to interest those who wear glasses, the Eyejusters are reading glasses that feature leness that you can adjust yourself to match your prescription. The glasses themselves are still in a prototype stage, but early versions we saw were pretty amazing, utilising two thin plastic lens which slide across each other to change the focal point. This company has big plans both here and in the developing world and we're looking forward to getting our short-sighted peepers on a pair.


This USB flash drive will change the lives of iPhone owners... probably. As you can't expand the storage on Apple's flagship headset, when you run out of space you either have to copy off onto your laptop, or upload to the cloud – pretty tricky if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere without reception. Enter the iStick, a flash drive featuring both full-sized USB and Lightning connectors. With storage available up to 128 GB, we're looking forward to getting our hands on one.

D-Link AC3200 Ultra WiFi Router

No, this isn't the latest radio controlled drone, this is an actual wireless router. The six-antennas make the AC3200 pretty noteworthy and we can imagine this would be quite the conversation piece. The reason for so many sticky-out bits? This features two separate 5gHz channels, allowing quicker WiFi connection for even more devices.


This is a mount for any camera, action cam or smartphone that allows the user to take stunning time lapse videos. By slowly and steadily rotating the device (which would be set to time-lapse capture mode) the footage that can be captured isn't shaky and interrupted. Check out their site for some great examples.

The Centre for Computing History

Not a gadget, but something we absolutely loved. The Centre, which is based in Cambridge, is a repository of computers and gaming consoles from history. If it was released and ran software and games, it'll be there, and we felt particular joy to see the Commodore Amiga represented at their stand at the show. And it was even running Lemmings!

See even more awesome stuff for yourself. Visit www.gadgetshowlive.net

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