11 March 2015

REVIEW: STM Omni Multi Fit Tablet Case


We've covered lots of STM cases and bags in the past, and always really enjoyed doing so. However, the Australian design company tend to favour Apple phones and tablets when it comes to their mobile protective offerings, leaving those of the Android persuasion feeling a little blue. That is until now, thanks to the Omni Multi Fit Tablet Case - a case for just about any slate out there.

Coming in two sizes to accommodate 7-8" tablets and then 9-10" tablets, and also two colours, the Omni Multi Fit could be the solution to finding a well-made and protective cover for your tablet, even if it is of an obscure and unpopular make. This could also be of interest to people who own more than one kind of tablet, but who only need one case to share between them.

The big issue is how to make lots of different tablets fit into the same case, and STM have cracked it pretty well. We've reviewed universal cases in the past that use metal clamps which adjust to cling onto the different sizes of screens, but all of them tend to be bulky and ugly. STM have decided to use the one thing that all tablets, regardless of make and size, have in common: a back.

That is why the inside of the Omni Multi Fit Tablet Case features an adhesive panel that simple sticks to the back of your slate, securely holding it in place. It sounds like it could be tricky, messy and painfully permanent, but it isn't. The adhesive is firm but allows the tablet to be easily removed. Then once you want to put the same or different tablet in there, you just give it a wipe with a damp cloth and let science handle the rest.

And it really does work quite well. We tried it with an iPad 2, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, and the recently reviewed ASUS MeMO Pad 7. despite the latter having a sticky-out camera on the back it still adhered very well. No, there isn't a cut-out for your tablet's main camera, but as we mentioned in the MeMO Pad review, if you use you tablet for photography you're clearly a weirdo.

The case closes and stays closed thanks to a suction cup seal, while the main cover itself can be folded into both upright watching-videos-while-on-a-train mode, and also the propped-up typing-an-angry-email-to-the-Director-of-the-train-company-to-complain-about-WiFi-speeds mode.

This is a great case that finally solves the problem of a market crammed with lots of different makes and models of tablets. And it came from Australia. What are we doing back home?


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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