26 March 2015

REVIEW: Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket

On reflection...

STOP THE PRESS! We've found a cycling jacket that will not only keep you warm and dry during your daily ride to work, but will also make it easier for other road users to spot you. If that doesn't impress you, and you're reaching for your day-glo cycling jacket as you read this, hang on... because the Proviz REFLECT360 won't make you look like a luminous wally. We check it out.

After our special feature last year in which we looked at some of their lights and cycling clothing, we've kept a keen eye on Proviz. Their latest innovation designed to keep cyclists safe on the road is the Proviz REFLECT360jacket, the world's first cycling outer layer to be made entirely from reflective material.

That means that this jacket doesn't feature highly reflective strips to catch the light of car headlamps, as the entire surface is reflective. That means that at night, or in poor visibility, the rider's whole upper body can clearly be seen, making it easier for drivers and other cyclists to work out which way the rider is facing and travelling.

It is something you have to see to believe. And the really interesting thing is that when there is no light shining on the Proviz REFLECT360, it looks just like a normal grey cycling coat. No headache-inducing greens and oranges here, just a smooth silvery-grey on a smartly cut jacket.

The Proviz REFLECT360 jacket is also designed to be comfortable and practical. There is a fleece lining around the collar and air vents on the front, back, and under the arms (which can be sealed with zips. The pockets on the front, and the wide pocket on the lower back, are all protected by tough, weatherproof storm zips, as is the main front fastening. It features an adjustable waistband, velcro-tightening cuffs, and a mesh inner lining to make it as comfortable as possible. Which, good God, it is.

So this is a jacket that will keep you safe on the road, while retaining a great look at every other time. Double win.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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