29 March 2015

NEWS: Try the LEGO Mixels Mix Max Murp Challenge

We've created a monster!

Always happy to receive and review some LEGO, the other day a neat little package fell onto our door mat containing three Mixels sets. We've reviewed the micro-sets a couple of times before, in which each polybag holds around 70 small LEGO parts which can be used to build a cheeky little monster: a Mixel. But this package also included a challenge, one we hastily stepped up to meet.

The LEGO Mixels Mix Max Murp Challenge is taking place on Twitter, with our dear Danish friends inviting LEGO fans across the world to create their own monstrous Mixels and tweet a photo. This is all to celebrate the launch of the new series of the Cartoon Network show based on the Mixels, and also for the release of the new range of the sets themselves.

All you have to do is make a Mixel, take a photo of it, and post on Twitter using the hashtags #LEGOMixels and #mixmaxmurp. Also tweet your Mixel's name, because y'know... it's polite to introduce people. Entries must be made by 5th April 2015, and the winner will be the one who's Mixel is the most creative and inventive. The prize? Only the whole of Series 4 and 5 of the LEGO Mixel sets. Nice!

And so, never to let a chance to play with LEGO pass us by, we got building. The three sets we were kindly sent were Burnard, Boogly and Nurp-Naut, who are each from a different Mixel clan. Here are the boys...

And so, using the majority of the above parts included we managed to create this abomination:

This is Roger. Yes, a fairly ordinary sounding name, but Roger's back story is too amazing to believe. Needless to say, it involves a depressed wizard, a pan-dimensional settee, and a two bedroom semi-detached house... ON MARS!

We won't bore you with the details, but that troubled past has led Roger  to be a bit of a grump. Other Mixels fear his gnashing teeth, his four clomping legs, his strong grabbing arms, those bulging eyes behind separate glass domes, a rotating horned-antenna which can detect lies, and his ability to fart flames. Yes, flames - from his bum!  

So there, we made our own Mixel. Be sure to do the same, and the very best of luck in the competition!

Get inspired at www.lego.com/mixels

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