20 January 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Fishing Range

Cast off.

The dreadnought of Aldi's Specialbuy deals seems not to be slowing as 2015 continues, and whereas only last week we tooled up to reviewtheir new workshop range, today we wrap up against the biting cold of January, fill our tackle boxes, and write 'Gone Fishing' on the office door. It's the Aldi Fishing Range.

It seems that budget supermarket Aldi are picking a hobby, sport or activity at random, then filling their shelves with kit for that particular niche market at surprisingly low prices. This time round it is anglers who will be jumping for joy, as the normally austere January will be their chance to stock up on some fishing essentials. The whole range is chap-centric, but includes some genuinely good quality items to help make fishing at this time of year that little bit more comfortable. Here's what we were sent to test...

Men's Padded Fishing Jacket

Probably the most vital bit of kit to don when taking on the fishies in winter, this is a serious jacket designed to keep you warm and dry. Features include a tall, thick collar behind which your head can hide from the biting elements. There is also a zip-off hood, a tonne of pockets (including a pretty neat water resistant one on the chest, perfect for keep your phone dry) and an elongated back panel to keep your bum warm when bending over.

Obviously the colour and cut of the jacket make it great for fishing, but as a general piece of outdoor clothing this jacket is great. We've worn it out and about around the city and haven't gotten looks from passers-by that say 'why the hell are you dressed like an angler in the middle of town?' And at just £24.99 this will also keep your bank account nice and warm as well.

Men's Padded Fishing Trousers

To quote Prince George in Blackadder the Third, "What a pair of trousers!" Calling them trousers is a little misleading however, as these are more like modern, insulated dungarees, as they reach all the way up to your chest. The jacket is certainly warm, but these things could keep you toasty on Pluto, during winter, while eating an ice cream.

With a zip and Velcro opening up the front, and over-the-shoulder adjustable braces to help keep 'em up, it was like walking around in a sleeping bag for your lower body. You also get zip-up leg gussets to help you slip your wellies on, two pockets on the chest and fleece lined pockets on the sides. You honestly could take these with you to go ice fishing in Alaska. And at only £16.99 you could afford the posh meal on the flight over.

Men's Wool Fishing Pullover

Yes, it features in the Fishing Range, but this wool-blend pullover is actually just a very nice sweater. The Green colour matches well with the rest of the stuff we were sent, and certainly the shoulder and elbow patches represent the garment's outdoorsy intent, but we just really like to wear it as an everyday thing.

We were sent the crew neck version, but it also comes in zip neck as well. On, it was warm and insulating while remaining breathable and comfortable. This is definitely not meant as a criticism, but it's the kind of pullover your mum likes to see you in. Know what we mean? And hello... only £16.99? Yes please.

Men's Fishing Thermal Base Layer

And finally, what are you going to put under all that new angling kit? Why yes, it's a thermal base layer to keep you warm and dry should any tiny amount of wet or cold make it through the garments featured above. This all-in-one is stretchy, breathable and convenient in a way that we're uncomfortable discussing.

No we're not. YOU CAN POO IN IT! The thermal base layer features a handy zip FOR YOUR BUM! It might be called a 'seat zip', but we all know that is a polite way for saying you can pop your arse out of it without taking the whole thing off. Does a bear do a certain thing in the woods? Don't know, but you certainly can! Thanks Aldi! And look, only £15.99. Awesome.

Look, the pooing pocket!!!

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