26 December 2014

REVIEW: Proporta Gizmo TurboCharger 1000

Don't charge it after midnight.

Following swiftly on from reviewing the Monster Powercard, a slim-line portable battery charger, we were keen to see what other similar products were currently doing the rounds. Impressed with how slim the Powercard is, we wanted to see if anyone did a mobile charger that was even thinner. And Proporta does, God bless 'em... the Gizmo TurboCharger 1000.

Oh, and you got the Gremlins reference, right?

Weighing in with the same dimensions as a credit card (although with a few extra millimetres in depth) the Gizmo TurboCharger 1000 from Proporta is by far the thinnest mobile power charger we've ever tested - so well done there. Because of that it is even easier to discreet this thing about your person, especially, as you might expect, in a credit card pocket in your wallet.

Inside that brushed metal finish (which is far nicer than the older model charger from Proporta that we reviewed way back in early 2013) is a 1000mAh capacity battery with a 5V input and output. The Gizmo is different to other chargers we've played with in that the USB connector used to charge it up is attached as part of a pull-out unit. Apart from that the only other things on the body of the charger is a small LED light to display the amount of power remaining, and a micro USB outlet. And a weird black square that doesn't seem to do anything.

Getting the Gizmo full of juice is a veritable pleasure, thanks to that slide-out USB connector. However, to then charge up your phone or tablet you need a wire (as expected). However, because the only output is micro USB, your normal phone charging wire won't work (as that will be full-sized USB to micro USB). Fortunately Proporta have included the appropriate wire in the box - and also an adaptor which lets you use your normal wire - but still, that doesn't seem to make any sense. Surely it would have been better to have a pull-out micro USB connector on this thing, so you never need a wire to charge your phone?

Anyway, that logic issue aside, how does it actually perform? Well, we had a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 down to about 2% power when we connected the fully-charged Gizmo TurboCharger 1000. Before the Gizmo gave up and died, the Note 3's battery was at 32%, and for a phone of its size with that massive screen, that isn't bad at all. It didn't perform as well as the Monster Powercard, but considering the Gizmo is less than half the price, we can let that slip.

So, despite some rather confusing design issues with the pull-out connector, the Proporta Gizmo TurboCharger is a great little pall to carry around in your pocket - sure to get you out of a pickle when you really need to make that call.


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