4 December 2014

REVIEW: My Doodles Kids Dock

Dock and roll!

Those of us with kids will know that they seem more proficient with technology than we are. In fact kids are so tech-savvy these days that tablets are pretty common place toys; used for a number of fun activities, the most obvious of which being music and films. But what kids really need is a place to prop up their tablet - somewhere safe away from all the other clutter where they can charge their device and get great viewing angles. Enter the My Doodles Kids Dock.

This why-didn't-I-think-of-that gadget came into being thanks to the meeting of great minds. Drawing upon the cool characters for kids from My Doodle to create the friendly outside, the innards are much more high-spec than you might expect in a children's speaker, designed as it is by KitSound. This means the finished product has a superb build quality and is capable of pumping out some impressive sounds.

Basically the child's tablet or phone is propped up against the cheeky character's face and is kept in position thanks to the recession at the bottom. That way the expensive tablet is already nice and secure and both Kids Dock and tablet can be placed somewhere for the wee kiddies to enjoy their shows. Then, by way of Bluetooth, you simply pair the device to the dock and enjoy far richer, fuller sound than any mobile gadget can produce by itself. While docked the tablet can also be charged from the USB ports on the rear, or connected via a 3.5mm audio jack.

The most striking thing about the My Doodle Kids Dock has to be the sound reproduction quality. Seriously, kids' speakers don't usually sound this good, and its a testament to KitSound that they've put some excellent hardware inside that monkey's face. We wouldn't say that the speakers were overly loud (which you really don't want when you're a seven year old watching episodes of SpongeBob) but rather that they create a smooth, clear and crisp sounding audio track. No fizz, no hollow and tinny crackle of music that one might associate with children's tech - this is actually a well made wireless speaker.

In use our kids loved it - for about twenty seconds. Then they forgot it was there and simply got on with watching their favourite Netflix shows or playing music. There were no complaints of "I can't hear Dora!", nor were there any cries of  "Daddy, the tablet fell over again!" Just peaceful happiness... for both child and parent.

We thank you for that, My Doodles and KitSound. Oh boy, do we thank you.


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