21 December 2014

REVIEW: MIPOW Playbulb Candle

Candle in the eWind.

Candles are great for creating a mood. The subtle glow gently flickering in the background is a must-have for anyone wanting to relax (or have some sexy times!). The problem with candles is that they tend only to last as long as their wick will burn, meaning limited relaxation (and sexy) time and also an increased risk of fires and burns. If only there was an alternative to the traditional candle that was modern, safe and customisable. BAM! It's the Bluetooth MIPOW PlaybulbCandle!

The Playbulb Candle looks, from the offset, like a standard tealight holder with a frosted glass surround. What it actually is is an app controlled electric candle, containing a LED bulb that can shine in every colour of the rainbow - and a few more.

Simply download the MIPOW app (Android and iOS), connect to the Playbulb Candle via Bluetooth, and you're away. The app itself is very easy to use and gives you the option to cycle through several colours in Rainbow mode, or to select your own colour. You can then set the candle to pulse gently, or blink on and off like a warning light.

By far the best feature is the flicker option which, once the candle is in plain white light mode, creates a startling realistic candle effect. We don't mean that it flickers on and off, but instead the light seems to wobble - just like a small flame dancing in the breeze. We also really love the fact that you only need your connected phone or tablet to set it going - once the candle is flickering away just how you want it, you can switch off your phone and the Playbulb will keep shimmering all night long.

Mmm, red. Sexy times indeed!

And the best thing? Yes, you can actually blow the plastic LEB bulb to extinguish the light. We know, awesome, eh? THIS IS THE FUTURE!


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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