28 November 2014

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers - Random Stuff

Because, y'know...

There is so much out there this year to buy for Christmas gifts. Just take a look at our previous Stocking Fillers features and you'll find toys, games, headphones, tech and other such loveliness. But what if you're looking for something unique; something that other review websites just aren't giving you? Then enter, dear friend, into the world of 'random stuff that we get sent', a list sure to inspire those weird and wonderful Christmas purchases.

The Easylock

A great gift for parents to get for their grown-up children who might be travelling thr world, the Easylock is designed to create great security on inward-opening doors such as those to hotel rooms. An ingenious little device that comes with its own carry pouch, the Easylock fits into most doors and allows the people inside to carefully open the door just a little (to check the identity of the caller, received documents etc) without having to open it full. It's basically like having a security chain on every door.

Invented by entrepreneur Bob Firzjohn, the Easylock was inspired by thoughts he had of his grandchildren jetting off around the world one day. With the Easylock installed on their hotel room doors, he knew that they'd have at least some security while in a strange place.


Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo Goggle

Launched this year to rave reviews, the Kaiman Exo Swimming Goggle has been designed to be as effective in the water as any water-tight eye-wear can be. With a streamlined fit, the Kaiman Exo (available in both male and female sizes) uses the Exo-core bi-material frame, where the lens section stays rigged and firm, while the rubberised seals around the eyes are flexible and comfortable.

They are hypoallergenic, don't contain any latex, and feature a flexible nose bridge to help swimmers find the right adjustment for their face. The lenses are also UV proof, feature an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, and allow you to see in full 180 degrees - so perfect for those winter triathlons.


Tech21 Impact Shield for iPhone

With visitors, last minute present buying rushes, and excited sugar-loaded children running amok, Christmas can be dangerous time for you and, more importantly, for your phone. Tech21 has the answer to protecting the screen of your iPhone 5/5s with the Impact Shield, one of the most courteous screen protectors we've ever used.

Not only does the protective film prevent against scratches and impacts to the screen that might cause cracks, the box itself also includes a handy plastic guide that slots onto your iPhone. This enables you to line up the protector perfectly before committing to sticking it down, ensuring a straight and clean application. Which is always nice.

As for the effectiveness of the protector, you're going to have to take Tech21's word for that. We did consider dropping the Christmas tree onto our iPhone but then realised that THAT WOULD BE INSANE.


Flying Gadgets Scorpion Quadcopter

It wouldn't be Christmas without a helicopter or two poking out of the top of your socking. That's why we're happy to review our first chopper from new kids on the block Flying Gadgets. The Scorpion is of the same model of quadcopter that you might have already flown; that being those with a ten centimetre diagonal. We know that we've flown our fair share of these, but the Scorpion stands out from the crowd because of two very important features.

Firstly, it features a fixed safety cage. That might not sound like much, but when flying this indoors (which is what you'll be doing on Christmas Day) the chopper will bounce off of walls without disrupting the rotors and falling to the floor. Not only is this safer or eveyone involved (nasty nips from those blade-like rotors are common - trust us) it will actually prolong the life of your quadcopter as less damage is inflicted.

Secondly is the LCD monitor on the controller. This is positioned above the thumb-sticks, not below on the wide open lower part of the controller (like with most other choppers). This means it is far easier to glance at the screen to see the speed of the blades, what setting you're on, etc, therefore there's more time to watch and control the helicopter.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Febreze Seasonal Goodies

What you definitely don't want to do is clean your body in odour neutralising spray Febreze, as our esteemed (?) Editor did for the first three months of university*. But what you do want to do is go out now and buy a few candles, cleaning sprays and room scents from Febreze's new seasonal range.

The candles and scents come in very Christmassy aromas such as Vanilla Latte, Apple Spice, Warm Cedarwood and Winter Garden, and give your nose as festive a treat as your eyes when looking at a Christmas tree on top of a reindeer on top of baby Jesus on top of a repeat screening of The Great Escape on BBC One. We were rather chuffed at the goodie hamper sent to us from Febreze, containing all many of nice Christmas things and now, for the first time ever, Test Pit Towers smells like something other than 'dirty boy'.


Certainly Wood Yule Log

As you browse our humble site, searching for inspiration for what to get your loved ones this Christmas, you might peruse mobile phones, tablets, home automation systems, robots and now - thanks to our dear chums at Certainly Wood - logs. Yes, actual wooden logs cut from actual wooden trees. They don't have USB ports or anything. Weird.

What the Yule Log does have is tonnes of Christmas tradition, which when gifted at the holiday time, could spruce up the centre of anyone's dining table. Included along with the log itself (which is about ten inches long) is kindling to help get a roaring fire started and complete a beautifully cosy Christmas atmosphere. You also get a scroll which details the history and cultural significance of the Yule Log, and also instructions on how to light it. Because there is no 'on' switch. Very weird.


Visit www.certainlywood.co.uk

*Yeah, as you might have guessed, a terrible rash.

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