1 October 2014

REVIEW: SpyNet Walkie Talkies and Laser Trip Wire

I spy.

Last year we reviewed the Ultra Vision Goggles from spy toy range SpyNet. We were so impressed with the use of actual gadgetry and technology that we've since kept an eye out for other new products from them. This time we're entering the realm of stealth and subterfuge with two bits of tech, the bone-conduction Walkie Talkies and the Laser Trip Wire. You're mission, should you choose to accept it...

Walkie Talkie Headsets

This two-part set includes a wearable walkie talkie for you and another special agent. With a range of 250 feet these can stay in contact with each other over pretty much any play scenario and feature a unique way of transmitting sound. Instead of the typical audio reproduction, these headsets use bone conduction to amplify sound. That means that you can only clearly hear what is being said by your partner by being in physical contact with the headset. So no double agents will be able to overhear.

In practice our younger reviewers found them comfortable to wear and were glad to find that the headset hard straps were adjustable. There was never any issue of going out of range and we even found they worked well when the limits of the 250 feet were pushed (we looked pretty odd to our neighbours as we ran up and down the street). The bone conduction audio works incredibly well, and once you're use to it (it feels a bit like having a radio in your brain) these are excellent walkie talkies for both play and for just staying in touch.


Laser Trip Wire

For the spy concerned about enemy agents infiltrating their safe house, there's this fancy-pants toy. Essentially a laser dot projector and receiver, this allows you to set up an intricate beam of light (helped by the inclusion of two mirrored units) to act as a digital trip wire. If something (or someone) interrupts the beam of light, an ear-splitting shriek emits, alerting you to the enemy's presence.

Setting this thing up is tonnes of fun, especially due to the mirrors which allow you to bend the beam around corners and even up walls and stairs. The strength of the projected laser is good for about 30 metres, which should be fine for most houses. We tried ours out in the garden at night and managed to completely surround the garage with the laser trip wire. Once activated the alarm was fairly startling and we could imagine mums and dads growing quickly tired of it. Still, for a toy this is a remarkable thing, and not far away from the real thing.


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