22 October 2014

REVIEW: Oral-B Smart Series Pro 6000 Toothbrush

Brush up on this bathroom gadget.

Connected technology is everywhere these days and its pretty impossible to do anything without somehow being connected to the internet, or at least to another gadget that is. But never fear technophobes, as you'll always be safe in the bathroom. Your morning routine remains delightfully old school, with not a trace of modern gadgetry. NOT ANYMORE YOU LOSERS!

No, it would seem that now even toothbrushes come equipped with Bluetooth, so prepare your teeth for an thoroughly modern brushing, thanks to the Oral-B Smart Series Pro 6000.

The Smart Series Pro 6000 toothbrush from mouth hygiene experts Oral-B is truly the next generation in brushing technology. If you thought that having those rubber bits on your toothbrush to get gunk off your tongue was as advanced as it gets, think again baby. The Pro 6000 comes complete with its own smartphone app (connected to the brush via the aforementioned Bluetooth - so many puns just leap to mind!), an oscillating, rotating, pulsating head, a pressure sensor, five different cleaning modes, and a data storing facility so you can record your favourite brushing cycles. And a carry case - yes a carry case! Hooray!

Needless to say this is the most technological thing we've ever put in our mouths (and we regularly test gadgets' waterproof abilities by licking them), but we feel we ought to mention the elephant in the room that accompanies this toothbrush; the price. The Oral-B Smart Series Pro 6000 Toothbrush will currently set you back £229.99 (although more on that later) so getting one of these isn't really a casual decision, not unless you are Mr Mega-Bucks.

That said, you certainly do get a lot for your money. We've been lucky enough to use the toothbrush for an entire week now (or rather our Editor has - sharing it would have been gross. We're friends, but come on...) so we've had the opportunity to see just what can be achieved with it. First of all, why even bother connecting your toothbrush to a smartphone app? Well, after collecting data from each and every time or Ed brushed, he was able to  see how long he had brushed for and crucially where he was brushing. This information helped him to brush better, catching all his teeth properly and doing so for the recommended amount of time.

The options of brushing modes available to you are pretty immense; there's Daily Clean for a general scrub down, Deep Clean which is a bit like the Daily but a bit more intense, Whitening Mode for removal of surface stains and polishing (which means deeper vibrations you'll feel in your jaw bone), Gum Care Mode for gentle gum stimulation, Sensitive Mode which tones everything down for the cleaning of sensitive areas, and Tongue Cleaning Mode for... well, you guessed it.

Included is what Oral-B call a Smart Guide which looks a bit like an alarm clock and features a smiling face timer. This is so you can use the Smart Series Pro 6000 without your phone, as it tells you how long to brush for, awarding stars for the longer you manage. This we felt was a bit childish, and the grinning face really distracted us from the actual job of cleaning. It was as if we worked for a Japanese company and were forced (albeit joyfully) to participate in group brushing before work. You clean well. Make day happy and good working smile. Still it did the trick, and our dear old Ed completed the recommended two minutes each time.


Oral-B Pro 650

Stripping away all the connectivity and smart tech from your morning teeth brush session is the Pro 650, a electric toothbrush with all mod cons that can be yours this Christmas for less than fifty quid. No mode settings here, and certainly no gawping Japanese digital overlord to judge you; just a switch on/switch off toothbrush that produces a deep and satisfying clean.

We rather like the Oral-B Pro 650, and using after the mighty Smart Series Pro 6000 felt a little... well relieving. Knowing that your toothbrush didn't cost as much as your laptop is actually quite refreshing, especially considering you have to stick it in your gob every day (and our mouths are awful places first thing in the morning).

The CrossAction brush head on this works absolute wonders and the oscillating vibrations (while not as deep or as massaging as the Pro 6000 brush) are good enough to make your teeth feel like they've been given the once over by your dentist.


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