24 October 2014

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers - Toys & Games

Festive fun times.

The kids might have already stuck a post-it note to your face with the name of what they want for Christmas, but once the big present is sorted, what about the stocking fillers? Those extra few presents make all the difference when filling up that yawning space below the tree, and that is why we've gathered together a bunch of fun stuff for kids to make their Yule-time smiles even bigger.

PLATMOBIL Fi?ures Series 7

Perfect for that extra bit of something, these foiled wrapped bags contain one figure and accessories but, just like that other famous Minifigure collection, the contents are a mystery. There are two ranges, one for boys and one for girls (denoted by the colouring of the bag) with the boy packs containing typical boy things like knights and pirates, and the girls packs with princesses and equestrian stuff.


Visit www.playmobil.co.uk

Ex Libris

A great game for older kids and book fans in general, Ex Libris gets brains thinking and creative juices flowing. Players have to attempt to come up with fake but believable first or last lines for famous author's novels, with over 100 well-known writers' work being featured. Make up stuff for the likes of Charles Dickens, Harold Robbins, Jane Austen and Barbara Cartland.


Visit www.oxfordgames.co.uk

Haynes Thunderbird Two Handbook

For young fans of the Gerry Anderson TV show, this technical manual/pop-out model book includes detailed schematics of Thunderbird Two. Also included (and comprising most of the book) are pages and pages of pop-out cardboard pieces so you can construct your own supersonic heavy transport ship. A fascinating read and a surprisingly sturdy model once built.


Visit www.haynes.co.uk

Sugru Festive Tin

Firm favourite here at The Test Pit, Sugru is the wonder substance that can be used to fix, make and dampen the sound just about anything around the house. Just in time for Christmas Sugru are releasing five new colours and presenting them in a lovely gift set, the Festive Tin. The new shades are Awesome Orange, Silver Grey, Woody Brown, Mossy Green and Panther Pink. Great for kids for making and modelling (and also handy to fix all those toys that will undoubtedly get broken over Christmas).

£9.99 (available from 21st November)

Visit www.sugru.com

Duplo Knight Tournament

LEGO can be a bit fiddly for younger hands, but fortunately Duplu, with its chunky blocks and larger figures, is perfect to get imaginations racing. To get your kids started on a brick-building adventure the Knight Tournament is perfect, containing as it does a Knight figure and accessories, a horse, and also several big bricks for children's hands to get used to.


Visit http://shop.lego.com

Tech Too Kid Gadgets

This range of play gadgets from KD includes everything that mum and dad might use on a daily basis. There is a TV remote, a mobile phone, a tablet and a set of car keys. All these come with lights and sounds and help kids play along (without wrecking your £400 iPad on Christmas morning).


Visit http://kdplanet.com/uk

Phone Leash

As a lot of kids will possibly be getting their first ever mobile phone this Christmas, how about a stocking filler to ensure they never lose it? The Phone Leash consists of a soft rubber strap that attaches to the back of the phone via a bit of sticky M3 tape (the stuff they use to stick action cams to helmets). The cord can then go around the child's neck, tie to belt loops or, if you're particularly bothered about them losing the phone you forked out for, around YOUR wrist.


Visit http://unikia.com/leash


A bit like Twister on the move, Jungoeira involves laying down hand and foot pads and then, while attached to other players, making your way across the track. The handy rucksack in which all the pieces come also includes lots of game cards which give examples of tracks to lay down. This is tonnes of fun, even for adults, and a great way to make Christmas Day pretty active.


Visit www.oxfordgames.co.uk
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