11 September 2014

REVIEW: Elliot Brown Bloxworth 929-007 Watch

One to watch

Following the recent news story about an Elliot Brown watch that survived unscathed after being submerged for six months beneath the sea, we were keen to learn more about this rugged timepiece and the company that built it. After being sent one of the watches from Ian Elliot himself, we started testing the gorgeous Bloxworth 929-007.

With every minute detail carefully considered and expertly crafted, the Elliot Brown 929-007 has to be the prettiest thing ever to adorn a wrist at Test Pit Towers. The solid stainless steel case conceals a Swiss-made 13-jewel 12-hour chronograph movement with a battery that will keep you in good time for five years. Whereas lesser watches might use plastic or rubber as a shock-absorber to protect the internal workings, the '007 boasts a steel and elastomer dampening unit. The face and hands are tightly protected by an anti-reflective hardened mineral crystal, surrounded by a glossy black bezel with 0-20 minute markings. All this is (as you might expect after reading the aforementioned news story) water resistance to up to 200 metres depth. So probably okay for the local swimming pool.

Aqua-based activities were clearly forefront in the minds of the Elliot Brown designers when creating the Bloxworth 929-007, as this is a watch that would suit both the waves and the boardroom. The clear bevel is great for keeping a track of your oxygen supply, whereas as the seconds, minutes and hours timer (with the ability to pause and resume for lap time takings) is useful for recording how much time your employees waste by the water cooler.

The included bracelet is solid steel and, as the '007 comes with a precision screwdriver in the box, is very easy to adjust. As well as removing links from the bracelet to get the right fit, there is also a concealed extension link on the clasp to give a few extra millimetres of accuracy. On the wrist the bracelet is very comfortable, flexible, and thanks to the mix of brushed and smooth steel links, it doesn't slip about, even when wet.

Although by far the priciest wrist gadget we've ever reviewed, the Elliot Brown Bloxworth 929-007 is actually incredibly good value. Considering the amount of work (and testing) that has gone into every watch, we were pleasantly surprised by a price tag of just £550. The '007 becomes even more attractive when you consider just how versatile it is, and no matter what form of activity you are partaking in (be it picking up the kids from school or white water rafting), this watch can handle it and be genuinely useful.


Put to the test

Seemingly as tough as an old sea dog, we're really keen to put the '007 through its paces and - fortunately for us - not by leaving it on the bottom of Poole harbour. It is our intention to constantly wear the Bloxworth 929-007 for the next few months, day in, day out - and we're not going to be precious with it. If the sea water submersion test simulated 12 years of use in just six months, we're keen to see what kind of condition the '007 will be in after physically being worn constantly for the next six months, with regular reports on how it is doing.

Check back to see how it's going...

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