4 September 2014

REVIEW: Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

You'll be anything but blue.

You've probably heard the name Blue before associated only with listening to sound as part of their digital microphone range (such as the Tiki USB microphone, reviewed here). But now the sound experts have reversed their priorities and ventured into the realm of making noise, namely via the new Mo-Fi headphones. We popped a pair on and sat back.

The first thing that strikes you about the Blue Mo-FiHeadphones is the look; has there ever been a more uniquely designed and gorgeous set of cans? Appealing to both our love of comfort and futuristic styling, the Mo-Fi has redesigned the way you put stuff on your head to listen to music. Instead of the entire headband compressing to fit, there are four points of articulation that allow you to raise or lower the cans to find the optimal position. Once they're on, and with the cushioned speakers gently pressed around your ears (for these are over-the-ear headphones) you'll almost forget they are there. Until you press play.

Mo-Fi include a built-in audiophile amplifier, and via the tiny twist-switch by the phone cable input on the left can, you can increase the force by which the amp works. That means that even the simplest and least sophisticated of music devices (such as phones and tablets) sounds incredible. And Christ-on-a-bike is it loud. Knocking that switch from 'off' to 'on' is like moving from the back of the concert hall to right where the speakers are - and then clicking it all the way to 'on+' is akin to getting inside the speaker itself!

However, even with the amp turned off the Blue Mo-Fi reproduces incredible sound quality. Saying they are immersive really doesn't do them justice, and watching a movie or TV episode with them is like being on the set yourself. Subtle vocals are handled brilliantly, and both highs and lows of all kinds of music sounded spot on.

Mo-Fi is designed for both everyday Joes like you and I, but also for music professional. Included with the headphones (which already come with a carry pouch, two phono cables - one of which includes a remote - and USB charger for the amplifier) is a stereo jack for professional sound desks. Certainly the quotes from musicians and DJs on the Mo-Fi website attest to the company's aim to make these headphones as versatile as possible.

We can't tell how long this statement will stand but the Blue Mo-Fi Headphones are by far the best we've ever tested. Everything about the cans is impressive, from the look and feel, to the quality of sound reproduction and hardware. Blue have always been one to watch for your recording needs, but now it seems they'll have all of your music bases covered.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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