26 September 2014

NEWS: Pompidoo bags to get XRD protection

Causing an impact.

Since reviewing an iPhone case with XRD protective foam built in, we've been pretty curious about this stuff. XRD is essentially a soft foam which, upon impact, hardens and therefore absorbs up to 90% of the energy. A darn useful thing to wrap your £400 phone in, so imagine having some to protect your £4000 camera.

Pompidoo, a growing Latvian company that produces high-end bags and protective products, have put XRD foam into their camera bags, most notably the new Amsterdam Camera Bag for men. Peace of mind for photographers on the go.

The Pomidoo Amsterdam (£279) sports a quality, stylish exterior. XRD Impact Protection will therefore provide a phenomenal level of  protection that belies its slim, flexible appearance. It is quite an innovative use of the substance, and we look forward to it being used elsewhere.

Find out more about Pompidoo here www.pompidoo.com and also XRD here www.poronxrd.com

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